Boiler thermostat RTR 20A Reko (Italy)
Boiler thermostat RTR 20A Reko (Italy)
Boiler thermostat RTR 20A Reko (Italy)
Boiler thermostat RTR 20A Reko (Italy)

Boiler thermostat RTR 20A Reko (Italy)

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Boiler thermostat RTR 20A Reko (Italy)Thermostat for boiler RTR 20A Reko (Italy)

Stem length - 270 mm

Thickness of the rod - 6 mm

Voltage - 250 V

Regulator is suitable for water heaters: Ariston, Thermex, Electrolux, Ferroli, Fismar, Round, Inner, Liko, Classic, Alpari, Fox, Braun, Nova Tec, Atlantic, Real, ISEA, DeLuxe, and other boilers with a 48 mm flange mounted heater on 1/4" and 1" threads.

This thermostat model is also used with heating elements in aluminium radiators, cast iron batteries and other heating elements.

Temperature control range from 30 ° C to 80 ° C

Thermostat or thermostat for any modern boiler is one of its most important mechanisms. It is designed to fix the current temperature inside the boiler, as well as maintain it at a predetermined level by switching on and off the tubular electric heater installed in the device. In case the latter fails, the thermostat performs an important function - automatic shutdown of the equipment. Since this part is a very important element of the normal functioning of the heating system, it is necessary to regularly monitor its serviceability and to make immediate replacement in case of breakage.

Features of the thermostat Reko

- The ability to work with a wide range of temperatures - from 30 to 80 degrees.
- Simple process of replacing the defective part.

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