Heating element for radiator 300w with thread 1 "Balcik (Turkey)

Heating element for radiator 300w with thread 1 "Balcik (Turkey)

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heating element for a radiator.

The heating element for a 300 W radiator with a 1-inch thread is in high demand among the customers of our online store. Products from the Turkish manufacturer, the Balcik company. You can order this tubular heating element in retail and wholesale (from 3 units). The product is made of high-quality stainless steel and is ideal for installation in household radiators for heating residential and office premises. We guarantee the ideal technical condition of the heating elements sold.

Turkish heating element for a radiator - high quality and inexpensive

  • Wear-resistant material of manufacture - stainless steel.
  • Easy to install - screws into a radiator with an inch thread.
  • Good performance level - 300W power.
  • Long service life, easy replacement, low cost.

The key element of the heating battery is the tubular electric heating element. It is he who provides heating of the coolant. The heating element for a 300 W radiator from Balcik (Turkey) is an excellent device that will be useful to a home craftsman or a qualified specialist who installs heating equipment. Products meet strict standards and are available for purchase in any quantity.

Thread - 1 inch (33 mm)

Immersion length - 280 mm

With a tube under the thermostat.

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