Heating element for radiator 500w with 1 "thread and thermostat (Ukraine)

Heating element for radiator 500w with 1 "thread and thermostat (Ukraine)

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Heating element for a radiator with a temperature controller.

Thread - 1 inch (33 mm)

Temperature control up to 90 ℃

Immersion length - 325 mm

Wire length - 120 cm

A heating element with a thread size of one inch and a thermostat is designed for installation in an aluminum heating radiator. Such a heating element is an excellent alternative to expensive individual heating or a traditional heater. A heating element of 0.5 kW quickly heats the water in the battery. Thanks to a special regulator, which is securely attached to the tubular electric heater, the temperature of the water in the system is monitored.

Advantages of heating elements for a radiator

  • Made of materials resistant to constant high temperatures.
  • Easy and reliable mounting.
  • Will last an order of magnitude longer than analogs.

Installing a heating element for a radiator will allow you to fully heat the room in the off-season, as well as additionally heat the water to increase the air temperature in the room. The latter is especially true during severe frosts. By installing an additional heat regulation system, you can individually adjust the temperature in each room. Call and order effective heating element for an aluminum radiator!

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