TEN 1300w (925w + 375w) for electric oven "Kandy" (Turkey)

TEN 1300w (925w + 375w) for electric oven "Kandy" (Turkey)

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TEN for an electric oven "Kandy"

Number of heating elements - 2 (925w / 230v + 375w / 75v)

Overall size - 375 х 340 mm

Material - stainless steel

Pipe diameter - 6.5 mm

Suitable for models from other manufacturers.

The highest quality ovens from various manufacturers may have malfunctions, reliable equipment often requires thorough repairs. Most often, heating elements fail in ovens. This can happen due to network problems, unstable voltage or long service life. In the case of damage of the tubular electric heater in the electric oven, the heating element should be replaced. Tubular ; electric heaters for electric ovens are not produced the same, they are selected for each model of equipment individually, based on the design, technical characteristics, fastening and connection features. Since there are usually several heating elements in the oven, they differ in location and function. If you need to buy a heating element for the oven, you can contact our specialists and they will help you choose the right model.

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