Teng, Ten, Heating element KAWAI for washing machine 1950W / 230V / L = 231mm (with a hole for the sensor) / WITH BORDER

Teng, Ten, Heating Element Kawai For Washing Machine 1950w / 230v / L = 231mm (with A Hole For The Sensor) / With Border

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Teng KAWAI made of stainless steel for washing machines with power 1950W ( with a hole for sensor on a metal plate). On the rubber seal IS the so-called side. Many manufacturers of washing machines equip their washing machines with heating elements made by KAWAI .

Voltage - 230V

The length of the heating element (from the metal plate) L = 231 mm.

Manufacturing - KAWAI (Hong Kong) .

Excellent super quality (not inferior to Italy, Turkey) !!!

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